How to choose the catering for your wedding in 10 moves

Catering is one of the factors that most affect the success of a marriage.
The wedding reception, its flavors and its colors are among the things that will be most remembered by the guests and, for this reason, it is necessary to choose carefully the right service.

We try to tell you what we think is really important and that we advise you to consider in the choice of catering:

The choice of location. This aspect is extremely important for catering purposes. Beware of those who have fixed and equal prices for each location because different places require different logistics and so that everything is perfect this aspect is always to be taken into consideration. In this regard, if you have not yet found the place of the heart, you can still turn to a catering that can advise you, based on his experiences, the most suitable location for you.
For this reason, tell yourself and tell your idea of ​​marriage, what you would really like, what is important to you and should not be missing that day. Whoever will listen to you will also be able to advise you.
Be wary of those who send quotes without ever having looked you in the eye. This is a very important and highly customizable event, so it is essential to meet, shake hands, sit down and talk about it in person. Take time for yourself and as we said before, tell yourself.
Take a look at the reviews. Taking into account the experiences of other people, treasuring the advice of the spouses and guests that have already passed, opinions are important (and so are we who care a lot). In the reviews you will always find indications on the professionalism of the service staff and on the quality of the dishes offered.
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Let us explain well what services are offered, in terms of, for example, the number of waiters on duty or equipment included in the estimate. Professionalism is always synonymous with transparency and clarity, precise and detailed costs without surprises!
Ask questions and listen. Get yourself a list of things to ask, don’t worry about asking trivial questions, there aren’t any! Those who are on the other side have the duty to respond to all your doubts by clarifying all your doubts and will certainly be able to guide you always having clear what your desires are.
When we talk about how to choose a catering for a wedding, we immediately think about food! When you find yourself choosing a menu, give yourself some options, rely on the advice of those with experience in banqueting but at the same time try to understand what is most important for you and your guests. For example, tradition or innovation? Usually it is in the balance between these two aspects that you find the right solution!
Remember one very important thing: it is in the simplicity of raw materials that there is the taste of good things! So make sure that the menus are seasonal and that local products are also used because these are indices of quality and goodness, as well as professionalism given by respect for the environment that surrounds us.
Another important aspect is the digestibility of the dishes that should not be underestimated if the memory of this special day is not to be ruined! For example, we do not use garlic in our kitchen and the onion is always pasteurized so that it does not lose its flavor but is digestible for everyone!
Another important aspect to take into consideration is the availability to customize the menu in the case of vegetarian, vegan or food intolerance guests. It is important to inform the catering in advance in case special menus are needed in order to really satisfy all the guests.
And don’t forget the wines!
Evaluate the mise en place, choose the colors based on the style of the location, the flowers and your budget. As always, get advice from those who knew how to listen to you!
Enjoy! And remember that the taste of your menu is your taste and as such deserves to be done exclusively, only between you, so prefer those who offer you more time than a group taste, certainly done to reduce costs but much less personalized. Take a look at the colors, the style of the setting and obviously the taste of what is proposed to you!
Do an inspection together, even more than one if necessary. Often in the beginning if the catering knows the location you have chosen and has already worked on it is not necessary but as you proceed with the organization it is important to go together to evaluate all the spaces and to visualize how it will be to make the point.

Obviously all this should not be done in a single meeting, focus on one aspect at a time!


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