Have you already thought about Christmas dinner?
Christmas dinner is an important event for the company, it arrives at the end of the year, when it starts to make budgets and good intentions for the year that is about to begin … It is a beautiful moment that gives everyone the chance together, to celebrate and reinforce the team spirit and for this reason it deserves to take place outside the usual crowded restaurants, where it is possible to chat only with those sitting next to us.
This is why the choice of catering is certainly a winner.

It can always be a dinner served at the table but preceded by a standing aperitif where you can chat with everyone or it can be a buffet dinner, where freedom of movement will guarantee maximum enjoyment. It may still be a cocktail to exchange greetings, to meet the needs of tighter budgets, but which will guarantee a high perceived value, or even a real party tailored, sought after and different from the usual.
If your location is not adequate for the occasion, we will assist you in finding the right location, always taking into consideration your needs.

Last year we had the pleasure of organizing several Christmas dinners including one for Fischer with more than 200 people at Villa Foscarini Rossi. In cases like this the organization is fundamental and our goal is that of our client company, to be able to meet expectations, create a moment of sharing that can be remembered over the years and increase belonging to one’s own company.

Another very fun and different way to celebrate could be with a night in the kitchen!
For years we have been organizing cooking lessons or competitions, a culinary team building that is also useful for improving teamwork!
To celebrate Christmas, you can spend the evening in the kitchen with your co-workers and / or your customers, preparing an excellent Christmas menu, cooking all together and then enjoying the result accompanied by an excellent glass of wine.
You will have the opportunity to get to know you and appreciate you better thanks to a situation of collaboration outside the usual patterns. This is certainly an original gift, a fun experience that will be remembered for a long time and pleasantly by your collaborators; this occasion will also contribute to the harmony of everyone in a situation of absolute relaxation.

Our kitchen can accommodate up to 20 people at a time. We have successfully experimented with a new formula that provides for groups of up to 40 people to alternate between lessons or cooking competitions and a wine tasting led by a sommelier.

Mandolina Catering is available to study with you the right solution to celebrate your company Christmas, so do not hesitate to contact us!


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