When we talk about catering for a wedding, but not only, we often think only of the menu and the quality of the dishes offered. But a catering service is much more.

We often tell you our backstage, we show you the photos of our productions and all the work that is behind an event.
Trucks, tables, chairs, crates of dishes and glasses, tablecloths, decorations, mobile kitchens, pots, thermal boxes for transporting raw materials, carts, umbrellas and everything else necessary for we often show you this opportunity, precisely because it is important for us to understand what is there before, how much effort and effort we put into it so that everything can be perfect, how much organization, coordination, teamwork is necessary.

But it is not enough that a dish is good, it is essential that it be served impeccably.

The service is one of the keys for the success of our work.

It is very important for us to have a team of waiters that we know well, who work with us often and who know how to do their job. Who know how to serve a buffet, who know how to make a table service, who know the wines they serve and who know how to be harmonious in their movements. Our service staff, which counts more than 30 people, grew up with us, there are younger guys full of energy and experienced professionals. For us it is very important to have a referent in every service, our head of service, who knows how to manage the spaces, the other waiters, the times, the unforeseen events, which is the right interface with the customer in the room. We care that everything is perfect and during the event, whether it is a simple coffee break in the company or a wedding, our service staff is well trained and can move and behave in the right way.

It is important to have a smile, courtesy, care for one’s appearance, education that are nothing more than fundamental aspects in any human relationship.
For this we work with our waiters so that everything is in line with our main objective: to offer a high level catering service.

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