Tendenze 2020 per i matrimoni, parola d’ordine: sostenibilit√†.

Each season has its trends, we have had the shabby chic season, the greenery and the baroque season of last year.
Our job is always to look for new  inspirations to be able to offer ideas that are always new and in step with the times.
The trend for 2020 is one of our favourites! It is very much in line with our philosophy, with what we transmit in our cooking classes and with other eco- initiatives we take.
In fact, 2020 wants to be the year of sustainable choices, of “responsible” and attentive weddings, respecting the environment that surrounds us.

The trend therefore places greater emphasis on the menu which will include many vegetarian and even vegan dishes, which we always like very much to offer in the appetizer buffets, products that come from local companies and from our territory that pay a lot of attention to produce responsibly.
It is important to think about balanced menus, to avoid waste and unnecessary abundance.
The attention to environmental sustainability does not only concern the menu but also the invitations, to be chosen in recycled paper or even better if sent by e-mail, the organization of a shuttle for guests thus reducing the emissions, favors and gifts that do good , and are useful. So there is plenty of space for jars of honey or jams, organic and km 0, or books, wine … Or you could use all your creativity and create small favors made with recycled and recycled materials with your hands. Play with fantasy: the only rule is eco-sustainability!
Even the dress can be eco-friendly! Many bridal workshops offer eco-sustainable clothes made with recycled materials. Different models are available: from empire style wedding dresses to mermaid ones, from the simplest lines to the most extravagant ones, with the same effect of elegance and refinement as the “normal” ones.
The flowers for bouquets and decorations are another important aspect, they must be chosen in season and possibly locally produced. The floral arrangements should be conceived with a view to recovery, so that some decorations that are used for the ceremony could be reused for the reception as well, agreeing with the supplier to move vases and flowers in an elegant way and that jumps in the eyes of the your guests.
And finally, even with regard to the honeymoon, more attention and sensitivity can be placed on environmental issues. It will not be at all difficult to find a solution that combines travel and beauty with respect for the environment.

Everyone in our small way can do something, always, even on the most beautiful day of our lives!


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