The appetizer buffet

One of the things we love most about our work is surely the fact that every marriage is different from the other, nothing is repeated and everything is studied starting right from the beginning each time, together with the spouses, creating tailor-made, just like a dress tailoring. That’s why we don’t have standard menus, fixed prices or “packages” but we always like to meet couples before thinking about a quote.
When you choose to get married in an exclusive location, as are the Venetian villas in which we work, you have the opportunity to experience it as your own home for a day, which is why we always try to recommend aperitifs and dynamic appetizers, which allow guests and to the spouses to enjoy with the maximum freedom the space that welcomes them, between rooms and gardens.

Usually we recommend a welcome aperitif so that as soon as the first guests arrive and waiting for the bride and groom everyone can drink a good glass of sparkling wine or thirst-quenching water while enjoying simple, tasty, original and colorful finger foods.
Once the bride and groom have arrived at the location, they usually leave with the antipasti buffet, always different, always designed to measure. We like the buffet tables to be airy, we enjoy using flowers to decorate our dishes, we care that everything is very fresh and well served (you know how important the service is for us), that the dishes reflect the bride and groom their tastes always remaining faithful to our cooking philosophy. For us it is important that on our tables we can find our territory, the cheeses or cured meats of our tradition, classic dishes that go well with our most innovative recipes, raw materials whose origins we know well and whose suppliers we have excellent relationships.

It will be a pleasure to be able to decide your ideal buffet step by step, while enjoying the photos of the photographer Andrea Zecchini related to one of our last weddings …



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